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6 Reasons to Call a Roofing Contractor

1. Excessive granule loss. If you can see small piles of black or gray granules in your gutters or collected in your downspouts, it's a sign your roof's shingles have failed or reached the end of their useful life span.

2. Loose or missing shingles. Windstorms and snow and ice damage can cause the nails that affix your shingles to the roof deck to pop out, resulting in loose or missing shingles.

3. Water stains on roof decking. If you see signs of water stains, it indicates a roof leak is allowing water to run underneath the shingles.

4. Shingle pops. Shingles that appear to rise above the flat surface of the rest of the roof can indicate impact damage from hail, but they may also indicate inadequate attic ventilation.

5. Cracked, loose or worn flashing or gaskets around protrusions like vent stacks and chimneys.

6. Roof age. Along with the conditions listed above, knowing your roof's age is critical for determining whether or not you should invest in repairs or a roof replacement

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03 Houston Roof Repair Service

Houston Roof Replacement Contractor

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